Q: What is UO Gear?
A: UO Gear serves as a gateway to connect buyers and sellers with an easy to use search function. UO Gear does not buy or sell items. Think of it like Vendor Search but not limited to items actually on vendors.

Q: Why would people want to list on UO Gear rather than vendors?
A: Vendors average .6% vendor fee per day for holding an item. They also have a price limit of 175m.

Q: How do I list my items on UO Gear?
A: Every seller goes through a vetting and onboarding process. Contact Lynk via discord at #5008.

Q: How does it work?
A: Every Sunday evening by 10pm Central time I will replace the existing items database with the new items database.

Q: If an item is listed that means its for sale?
A: Generally yes, however, since UO Gear does not participate in the actual transactions it is possible that the item has already been sold.

Q: Can I have my own section where I can privately store my own item information without selling?
A: I’d like to do that, but do not plan to invest time in developing that until I have a few people interested. Contact me on Discord @Lynk#5008.