UO Gear is officially up and running. Right now only my gear is listed. Admittedly, my stockpile is somewhat depleted. During beta I gave a few people a link to help me troubleshoot and they actually bought quite a bit of gear.

There are a few things I’m still working on. Known issues include:

Armor slot filter not functioning
Mage weapon property not functioning
Medable vs Nonmedable not functioning

Otherwise everything is working as intended.

Whats next? So far there hasn’t been a lot of interest in farmers looking to list their items and I’m not sure why. If you know someone who wants to list items for public sale let me know.

Additionally, I’m exploring the option of implementing private user item libraries, searchable only to that user as a means of archiving all of their own gear for easily searchable databases. It seems like a waste to have developed this and not get much use out of it. If you would like to have your own searchable database, please reach out to me in discord @Lynk#5008. We can come up with a solution.

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