Shop Armor

Shop for armor by property or keyword, even armor that isn't on vendors.

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Shop Weapons

Quickly filter weapons that would be too expensive to post on vendor search.

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Shop Jewelry

Find that perfect combination of mods that is perfect for your template.

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Site Change

Due to underwhelming desire of other sellers to compensate me and list items, the purpose of this site has shifted. Short term it will just become a list of my own items that I use to quickly find and build a suit. This domain name will not be renewed and I will move the site […]

Jewelry Table Fixed

The last update caused the jewelry table to crash. I had to rebuild it from scratch, but appears to be working. If you notice any layout flaws please contact me (ICQ 270541075) so I can resolve ASAP. Thanks!

UO Gear is live!

UO Gear is officially up and running. Right now only my gear is listed. Admittedly, my stockpile is somewhat depleted. During beta I gave a few people a link to help me troubleshoot and they actually bought quite a bit of gear. There are a few things I’m still working on. Known issues include: Armor […]